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The secret to any successful design and build project is professional project management. Each of our projects has a dedicated project manager who will be by your side throughout the entire build. Your project manager is responsible to ensure everything stays on track from the design and scheduling to supervising the site team and much more.

We use very sophisticated project management software to produce dynamic timelines So you are able to see the project progress at any time. The software also provides meeting notes and the display of progress photographs keeping you the client in full control of your project.

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At the start of the project, we create a dynamic timeline for the client as a traditional Gantt chart list or calendar view and from this we highlight important client milestones and this is dynamically updated as the project progresses. We update progress photographs on a weekly basis and at regular intervals of the build.

Payments received from our clients are registered so you have a reference point to manage your project cashflow.



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